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The British Shotokan Kyogi International is a non-political traditional Shotokan karate Association, set up to preserve and remains true to the values and principles of Shotokan karate upon which it was founded. It is those values and principles that have ensured Shotokan was and remains the pre-eminent karate style worldwide. The BSK allows karate-ka the freedom to train to a high standard, within a supportive yet non-invasive family style framework, regardless of race, religion or nationality. This is achieved through the medium of international competition, technical instruction and international grading examination and certification for both instructors and students alike.

Our mission statement is:

  • To foster and develop Shotokan as a martial art, by understanding and promoting the concepts of budo.
  • To promote and support the principles, good practice and ideals of Shotokan karate.
  • To develop, promote and strengthen friendly relations between affiliated groups/individuals in an apolitical atmosphere.
  • To assist and develop Shotokan karate as a positive aid to every day life.

We offer an open invitation to all groups and likeminded individuals who agree with our mission statement and wish to become part of a group who practice traditional Shotokan karate in the manner described above, and welcome your application.

The British Shotokan Kyogi International

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