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BSK Instructors

Name: Charles Gidley 9th Dan

Position:  Association Founder and Chief Instructor

Training since: 1964

Referee: Chief Referee JSKA Worlds 2008

Club location: Middleton Manchester & all over UK/World on courses.

A former shihankai member of the JSKA under Abe sensei, holding grades from the JKA, JSKA, WJKA and WKF, he was a founding member of the KUGB and is renowned for both his indepth knowledge and understanding of kata bunkai and oyo as well as having trained both national and international/world champions. He was awarded Kyoshi from the ISKS in 2004.


Name: Fred Jones 8th Dan   Contact: Tel 01706 290491 or mobile 07886 585466 - email 

Position: Licencing/Finance officer - Events organiser - Technical Officer - Executive

Training since: 1978 with sensei Gidley

 Referee: Referee JSKA Worlds 2008 - BSK Chief Referee 2009

Club location: Oldham Leisure Centre, 1 Middleton Road, Oldham OL9 6AH

Training Times: Tuesday & Friday 7.00pm to 8.30pm at Oldham Leisure Centre.
Club Website: 

Sensei Fred Jones was successful in achieving his 5th Dan on 5th May 2003. Where he showed his technical ability by demonstrating how to perform and land the 360 jumping kick, in the Kata Unsu. Sensei Jones has competed in many Regional and National Championships, and has been placed on numerous occasions, including BSK Grand Champion 1993, held at St Helens.

Name: George Cheshire 7th Dan    Contact: Tel mobile 07764 836432 - email

Position: Chairman/Technical Officer - Executive

Training since: 1972

Referee: Referee JSKA Worlds 2008

Club location: Alsager Leisure Centre, Hassall Road, Stoke-On-Trent

Training Times: Tuesday & Friday 6pm to 8pm


Name: Ian Newsham  Contact: Tel mobile - email

Position: Technical Officer

Training since: 1977

Referee: Referee

Club location:

Training Times:

Name:Emma Reid 4th Dan

Position: Assistant events organiser - Committee member

Training since: 1995

Referee: Judge

Club location: N/A

Name:  Darren Bates  4th Dan   Contact: - email

Position: Instructor

Training since: 1998

Club location: Oldham



Training since:


Club Location:

  Contact: Tel mobile - email


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Club location: 

Club Website: