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Latest news: From June 2023, Senei Charles Gidley will be stepping down from taking courses and the main running of the BSK. He will, however, remain as the founder and the Chief Instructor. The assosiation will now be jointly run by Sensei's Marc Leacock 8th Dan, Fred Jones 8th Dan and George Cheshire 7th Dan. Each will be playing an equal roll in the running and development of the BSK, with an equal goal of offering the best for its members/groups.

This page will be updated soon.
Due to the covid epidemic there has been little of anything to report on over the past year and a half however, the latest news is some of the best news for the association to date. It is a great pleasure to announce the promotion in joint grades for both,
Sensei Marc Leacock and Sensei Fred Jones to the grade of Black belts 8th Dan. 

Black belt grading with BSKI

Congratulations to: 
Max Barlow (second from left) on your 1st Dan grading 1st July 2018


Mick Travis dan grading

Congratulations to: 
Mick Travis on your 1st Dan grading 29th October 2017


Dan grade Samm and Harry Hay

Congratulations to: 
Sam & Harry Kay on their 2nd Dan grading 29th October 2017


Sensei Charles Gidley 9th Dan presentation.

Sensei Charles Gidley 9th Dan presentation. 13-08-2017


Lee Power 5th Dan grading.

Congratulations! Lee Power passed 5th Dan 13-08-2017


Sam Parker 1st Dan Grading

Congratulations! New Dan Grade Sam Parker. 15-05-16


Sensei Gidley’s pressure points course @ Shug You Karate Do, Halifax

Sensei Gidley’s pressure points course @ Shug You Karate Do, Halifax 15-05-16


Sensei Fred Jones. 7th Dan Award

Congratulations! Sensei Fred Jones 7th Dan award


BSKI/JSKA-GB National Open Karate Championship Results 2015



New Dan Grade Cassidy Harte.

Congratulations! New Dan Grade Cassidy Harte. 30-11-15



New Dan Grade Sophie Williams.

Congratulations! New Dan Grade Sophie Williams. 30-11-15



Dan Grade Darren

Congratulations! Darren on passing 3rd Dan Black Belt 11/11/2015



Dan Grade Dot

Congratulations! Dot on passing 1st Dan Black Belt 11/11/2015



Dan Grade James

Congratulations! James on passing 1st Dan Black Belt 11/11/2015



Dan Grade Rabhia

Congratulations! Rabhia on passing 1st Dan Black Belt 11/11/2015



Senior Karateka get together

Seniors get together L-R; Lee Power, Charles Gidley, Soon Pretorius, and Fred Jones. October 2015



Finlay's Black Belt


Well done to Finlay on passing his 1st Dan black belt, he has  been training really hard for the last four years with Sensei Marc Leacock.
he was graded by Sensei Charles Gidley.



British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.1 British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.2British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.3 British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.4British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.5 British Shotokan Kyogi_April 2015.0

Pictures from the April 2015 Kata Course.


Sam and Harry Kay

Well done to the twins Harry and Sam Kay who recently passed their 1st Dan black belts
both are students of Sensie Marc Leacock. April 2015



Sensei Stan Knighton, John Gordon, Sensei Charles Gidley

L to R: SKU Chief instructor Sensei Stan Knighton , John Gordon, BSKI Chief instructor Sensei Charles Gidley
At the SKU National Championships.
Sunday 12 October 2014


SKU Nationals, John Gordon 1st

Congratulation to John Gordon on is 1st place in the SKU National Championships.



John Gordon gold medal win


Well done to John Gordon of the Heywood Ren do Kai karate club (BSKI/ASAI GB) who recently won a gold medal at the Kizuna World Cup Karate Championships.
     The tournament took place in Warrington, where John took part in the 9th to 4th kyu Kumite section.
      After several hard fought fights in which John won, scoring with a variety of techniques (sometimes scoring Ippon), he reached the final and was crowned the champion.
      His instructors, Charles Gidley 8th Dan and Marc Leacock 7th Dan, were extremely proud of John`s achievement.
Sunday 25th May 2014




Winners if the Bury open Championships

Well done to the students who competed at the Uk open held in Bury 29th September 2013; winning 6 gold medals, 1 silver, 2 bronze.
Lee Power, 3 gold, Senior kata, Senior kumite and Team kumite.
Finlay Gilkinson, Gold medal in the under 10's children's kata.
Dave Gordon, Silver medal in the under 75k kumite, Gold in the team kumite
John Gordon, Bronze medal in the over 75k kumite, Gold in the team kumite
Sophie Williams, Bronze medal in the girls kumite.



Memories of Sensei's trip to India

India_pic1 India_pic2
India_pic3 India_pic4





Nathan Maxwell Dan Grading

Congratulations to Nathan Maxwell on passing Shodan on 18/08/13
Nathan is a member of Heywood Ren do kai Karate club and trains with Sensei Marc Leacock.




Martial Arts Madness for Ella
The Rose of Rochdale

Sensei Charles Gidley and Marc Leacock were host to a fund raising event, along with:

Wayne Otto OBE - Simon Jackson MBE
They where joined by a host of other instructors from various styles of Martial Arts
Nigel Hudson 6th Dan - Tony Brown 6th Dan - Julian Mallalieu 6th Dan - Wim Tewinkel 6th Dan -
Kevin Merriman 5th Dan - Martin Stapleton and Steve Boyes.

The was an all round good attendance with a number of the BSK included.
Held on the 30th June 2013.




Isaac Wilson 3rd Dan

Congratulations to Isaac Wilson for passing Sandan on 19/06/13, from Independent Martial Arts.


Lee Power passing Yondan

Congratulations Lee Power passed his Yondan on 22/6/12.



Daniel Beese Shodan pass

Congratulations to Daniel Beese of Ren Do Kai on passing Shodan 10/06/12.




Thanks to all who attended the 2nd Kata & Bunkai course held on 22nd April 2012, at Sensei Craig Cooke’s dojo in Accrington.

The course was well attended, with a good mix of senior and cadet Dan grades ranging from 6th Dan to 1st Dan and also many lower grades.

The course started with a good warm up session then Sensei Gidley wasted no time in starting the course off.
The main Kata that Sensei choose for the days course was Heian Nidan. Firstly going through the kata to the count, then half pace to full power in there own time.
Sensei gathered everyone into a semi-circle round him so all could get a clear view of his demonstrations. He then broke the kata down into four sections of combinations so each student could understand and practice what was being shown. Sensei started with the bunkai to the opening sequences, showing and explaining how devastating this combination can be from bring attacked from the front as much as from the left or right side and with any size attackers.
The students were then asked to pair up and Sensei took the time to walk round making sure each pair followed his instruction, He also emphasized that when they do the kata, visualize each movement and combination as if you are being attacked so the blocks and counters become more than just movements.
Sensei emphasized this should be the approach to every kata.
All the students applauded Sensei Gidley at the end of the course for his time and extensive knowledge that he passed on that day.
We look forward to seeing you all at the next course.



National Open Karat Championships
Sunday 9th October 2011




Sensei Charles Gidley open course Accrington



Congratulations to Sensei George Cheshire on Grading to 6th Dan

George Cheshire 6th Dan

February 27th 2011

Congratulations to Sensei Ian Newsham on being awarded his 6th Dan

Ian Newsham 6th dan award



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